Indians Call Ajwain Leaves The Thousand Utility Leaf

Indians Call Ajwain Leaves The Thousand Utility Leaf

Ajwain or carom is a popular herb but used as a spice for its medicinal values. Recognized by a strong aroma, Ajwain seeds increases flavor and improve digestion. They are added to dal-tadka, paranthas and desi-drinks. But little information is available about Ajwain leaves. 

Indian Borage is the plant whose leaves are used as Ajwain leaves as they have the same aroma and medicinal value as the carom seeds. Grown in kitchen garden, Indian Borage gives broad and pulpy bright green leaves with a fine layer of soft hair atop. 

These leaves smell like Ajwain seeds and could be used like carom seeds. They are called ‘saveer sambar soppu,’ in Kannada. It stands for ‘thousand utility leaf.’

1. Ayurvedic cough syrup

Boil a few Ajwain leaves in a cup of water on low flame until it is reduced to about three-fourths of the total quantity. Let it cool down before consuming. Also, you can add 1 tsp honey to it. Drink the Ayurvedic syrup to get rid of pesky cough.

2. Ajwain Pakodas

Add Ajwain leaves to spiced besan (gram flour) and batter it until the leaves set deep inside the battered besan. Now deep fry the pakodas and serve them hot with yogurt or chutney.

3. Chutneys and dips

Add sautéed Ajwain leaves to creamy yogurt to make a spicy dip to savor as salad or with pakodas. For chutney, you can grind leaves with spices of your choice and add a little water to it. 

4. Green juices

If you make vegetable or fruit juice at home, you can make it more attractive and nutritious by adding a few Ajwain leaves to it. The juice will get a refreshing taste and give all the benefits of carom seeds.

Medicinal benefit of Ajwain leaves

5. Cure for diabetes

1 tsp of carom seed with 4 tsp of juice of Ajwain leaves twice or thrice a day can affect polyuria funds in diabetes.

6. Cholera treatment

Ajwain leaves have minimizing effect on intestinal bacteria and threadwork hence they can be helpful in treating cholera.

7. Quitting alcohol

Ajwain leaves are like blessings for alcoholics. If they make a decoction of these leaves and take 30ml of this drink for 50 days and without fail, they will certainly come out of the alcoholic addiction. Also, they can take carom seed to reduce the de-addiction symptoms like stomach cramps.  

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