Ginger-Tulsi Herbal Tea For Rainy Season

Ginger-Tulsi Herbal Tea For Rainy Season

Arrival of the monsoon is an indication of a change of season. Rain has brought the temperature down but it has also made the environment fertile for infections like common cold and allergies. But there is little to fear from the health issues as you can boost your immunity to stay healthy during monsoon season.

Ginger-tulsi herbal tea

It is never tool late to start building your immunity as the immune system regenerates itself every other week. What you eat and drink today will have an impact on your immunity in the coming days. Recommended by experts, the ginger-tulsi herbal tea is a tonic for monsoon season.

Benefits of ginger-tulsi herbal tea

Ginger and tulsi boost immunity and further addition of spices including black peppercorns, saunf or fennel seeds, jeera and cinnamon powder make the tea an herbal tonic you full of nutrients. Also, you can add ajwain and dry oregano to make it more beneficial.

Its advantage is that it can be prepared with kitchen items and most of the ingredients used in the herbal tea are available in every kitchen. See the full list of ingredients.

How to prepare ginger-tulsi herbal tea?

List of ingredients:

Ginger – 1 pinchPeppercorns – 3Tulsi – 2-3 leavesOregano – 1 tspFennel seeds – 1/4 tspJeera – 1/4 tspCinnamon powder – 1/4 tspAjwain – 1 pinch


Take two cups of water in a pan and add all the ingredients in the waterBoil the water for 10 minutes and simmerStrain the tea in a cup and sip

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