10 Comic Superheroes Without Hollywood Movies

10 Comic Superheroes Without Hollywood Movies

Hollywood is quite fascinated about superheroes of comic-books because superhero movies on characters based on comic-books do big business. And comic-books have many characters to offer like the following 10 characters.

Here’s is a list of 5 DC and 5 Marvel characters who deserve their own movies  

1. Nightwing: DC

Gotham City recognizes Nightwing as an independent fighter against crime and criminals. He was formerly a Batman’s protégé but went on to create his own independent persona to fight crime. A live-action movie on Nightwing has been in the making.

Titans — Ep. 213 — “Nightwing” — Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

2. Lobo: DC

Lobo isn’t a typical superhero due to his hunting habits. He traverses the universe and can devour the entrails of his hunts and thoroughly enjoys it. Also, this foul-mouthed master troll loves cracking politically incorrect jokes.

3. Green Lantern (John Stewart): DC

This superhero is blessed by the Guardians of the universe. He is given a magic ring to protect a specific sector of the universe using his magical powers. He creates weapons using his imagination and emotions to fight the enemies.

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