Ivanka Trump’s Fitness Regime that makes her in shape with gorgeous skin

Ivanka Trump’s Fitness Regime that makes her in shape with gorgeous skin

The Gorgeous daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka is well-known for her sexy figure and diving beauty. She is working as an advisor on POTUS, in the mother role, and as well as a businesswoman. Thus, everyone wants to know how Ivanka trump manages her fitness with her bus life.

Ivanka Trump’s Fitness

Ivanka Trump’s Fitness

Today, in this blog we are going to talk about her fitness secrets that will surely make your day and give you reasons to start your fitness too.

Let us see!

Eats a complete scoop of a healthy diet

healthy diet

The mother of three kids has bust life, but yet she maintains her figure and looks adorable. She is a fitness freak and dedicated to eating healthy for the day as it cuts extra cravings for food. With her diet plan, you will get an example that how to maintain yourself. She will be the best example for all woman who tends to stay fit.

Here is the complete diet chart

Diet Plan

According to her fitness experts, Ivanka eats only healthy which keeps metabolism active and body energetic. In her post-pregnancy period, she ate a high protein diet such as green veggies, chicken, and soups. She also includes whole food items that have high carbohydrates like oats and whole grain.

Breakfast regime


Her day starts with drinking a glass of lemon water. After that, she eats cottage cheese or a bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh berries. Ivanka loves to eat seeds and make sure she has seeds on her breakfast table. The seeds like flaxseed, walnuts, almonds and more.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water are the secret to look beautiful all day. She ensures to drink water to keep her skin and body hydrated always.

Ivanka’s Trump Workout Regime


To stay fit and in shape, it is vital to go for exercise and trump is frequent for the gym. She has taken spin classes to lose her weight after giving birth to her son. She also says I get up sharp 5:30 am and do 20mminutues meditation and then go for a workout. Her fitness regime basically includes yoga, cycling and as well as a flywheel.

Wrapping Up

If you want to look like her, all you need to start your day with exercise and eat a healthy diet. So, what do you think? Should you start?

Go ahead! It is the way to live healthy forever.

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