Shaft Movie Review

Shaft Movie Review

Shaft: Three Generations Of Detectives Come Together To Accomplish An Abandoned Mission

Shaft is a violent action comedy featuring three generations of Shaft following one target but have different reasons. Also, it is the fifth chapter in the Shaft film series and a sequel to the 2000 movie Shaft.


JJ, aka John Shaft Jr., is an MIT graduate and working as an FBI agent. Also, he’s an expert in cybersecurity. A tough guy, JJ looks confident of taking challenges and completing the missions single handed. The intelligent JJ works with an iron hand but he still lacks the training needed to complete a serious mission involving uncovering a truth. JJ becomes depressed after the death of his best friend but he’s determined to uncover the circumstances in which his friend dies. But he heeds help of his estranged father John Shaft II, a former New York Police Detective.

Highlights of the movie

• Three generations of Shaft come together to accomplish a mission

• Reunion of JJ with John Shaft II

• The dark side of Harlem’s heroin-infested underbelly

• It was developed as a new movie within the franchise

Shaft First Look & Poster

The poster has the three Shaft generations I, II and Jr. Also, Alexandra Ruth Shipp is sharing space with the Shaft grandpa, dad and son. And they all are wearing similar red and black outfits. The movie name appears on the bottom.

Why watch the movie?

It is made an action comedy with all the Shaft generations working on a deadly mission. Those who have seen the earlier instalments of Shaft film will certainly go to movie theaters to see the conclusion.


• Netflix has got the rights to stream the movie

• Shaft II is returning to the sequel of 2000 movie Shaft

• The difference between the age of Richard Roundtree (Shaft I) and Samuel L. Jackson (Shaft II) is 6 years

• The movie was shot in the Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia

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