Inspiring Beauty Tips to Learn From Zoe Kravitz

Inspiring Beauty Tips to Learn From Zoe Kravitz

An American actress, great singer, and a super gorgeous model. Zoe Kravtiz is a person who has conquered her way in professional as well as personal life. People not only love her for her profession but also for what she is as a person.

Zoe has a strong personality, and this shows when she is performing with her band, Lolawolf. She is smart, confident, and calm and sorted in every situation. There are many things which an ordinary person can learn from this mega-star.

Here are some five amazing and inspiring beauty tips to learn from Zoe:

Inspiring Beauty Tips to Learn From Zoe Kravitz

• Don’t follow trends, make your own!

Zoe says, “Brown daughters have a strange relationship with their tresses.” She follows a unique style of hair. Her breezy braid look is from her character in movie Dope.

She liked it so much that she decided to keep it. She is never bothering what other people think. Even if she does not follow this look, it won’t matter to her in the future.

This is how everyone should be, carefree in terms of their looks.

• Embrace the contrary

Zoe – The It Girl knows well born to embrace the contraries. She is mesmerizing the way she looks. The looks which Zoe got from her half African-American parents. She is both the glamour of her father and the tranquility of her mother.

She embraces both of them in her so well. It is this which makes her more beautiful and different than the others.

• Mother knows everything

Zoe Kravitz Mother knows everything

When Zoe’s mother Lisa Bonet appeared on the eighth episode of ‘Girls’ everyone was shocked to see her angelic beauty. She was like a goddess of beauty.

Zoe says, her mother knows everything, and she follows her beauty steps. Her mother is kind and down to earth. Similarly, she tries to be like her. Zoe tries to drink lots of water, use coconut oil, and eat well. Everything just like her mother.

• It’s the inner beauty that counts

Zoe’s beauty is undefinable. Her face structure is perfect, her eyes are dreamy, and she has a different glow on her face. But Zoe says, it is the inner beauty that counts. Try to eat healthy and organic, she says. This will make you beautiful and thoughtful positively.

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